About us

NANOPROBE & SHANGHAI CHING CHENG, the leader in semiconductor testing, has fully epoxy probe card solution, provides design, manufacturing and distribution to the global major semiconductor markets. The company is well recognized in the field for its excellent and high quality products.

We supply a wide range of epoxy probe cards to operate with most of the probers available in the market. Further, we are equipped with the motherboard design capability. This is a big advantage for the customers that we can offer a custom probe card and motherboard simultaneously in a very short time.

Our R&D focuses on new technology and material development with innovations and cost-efficiency in the areas of high density, low leakage, fine pitch, high current, multi-die, high & low temperature, long life time and high yield rate test applications.

Continuous improvement efforts delivers total customer satisfaction in terms of product quality, cost reduction, on-time delivery and expert customer service and field support. Our approach is to form the strategic alliance with our customers, understanding what it is that a customer really needs and the best way to provide it.